Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Daughters are a blessing.

Daughters are a blessing - Especially mine.

I love my daughter.


Unknown said...

I absolutely adore both of my daughters, Tiffany Ortega Tafoya, and Jamie Ortega.

Nanny & Poppa said...

Especially my daughters Janet Huseby and Christie Sue Love you all through the Stars ⭐️ to the Moon �� & Back Luv ya Hugs Mom ❤️⭕️

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Zain said...


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Anonymous said...

Yes daughters are great. Especially my daughter's LINDA AND LILILAN.Much love I got for you.

Anonymous said...

I only have 1 and she is amazing

Anonymous said...

LouAnn Sanders I love you 😍💗💛❤♥💕

Anonymous said...

I luv my daughter to yh moon an bck an beyond 😘🤗😍💙🖤

Anonymous said...

I have 5 amazing daugt ers and love them all! BECKY PAM JANE JANET DEBBIE! LOVE YOU ALL!