Thursday, July 23, 2015

Sometimes, you need to be a Parent.

Some parents need to start being a parent 
instead of trying to be a friend.

Some parents need to stop being scared 
of upsetting their children.

They will get over it - Trust me!


د. هانى احمد said...

But be sure that your children are free of any depression or psycho,ogical disorders before upsetting them for a reason. It may cause a disaster.

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zet gutierrez said...

Thanks for sharing!
True,they must be that when they grow older, they can get over from what’s life in the outside world

Anonymous said...

I tred it, now my son hasnt talked to me n 14 years.

Anonymous said...

Some people need to actually take the time to discipline instead of saying if they would have listened they wouldn't have got hurt. No you suppose to be there prevent them from getting hurt.

Anonymous said...

Very true!! Any pre-existing condition, like PTSD could cause more problems.

Ben Ashwood said...

Unfortunately this is a common issue

Anonymous said...

Kids don't listen