Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Putting Your Own Needs And Happiness First

If someone in your life makes you
unhappy more than they make you happy,
it doesn't matter how much you love them,
you must let them go.

Not because you no longer care, but
because you are finally putting your
own needs and happiness first.


Cindy said...

I need to take this advice.

LISA Underwood said...

ok I am so afraid of change

Verona said...

I don't agree with this..we need to put God first and trust His plan and pray for a resolution.

Unknown said...

I think putting yourself first is putting God first also trusting Him because he wants us to be happy not miserable.

Anonymous said...

Gods words are love God first and his second is love others AS u love yourself. So if we can't love ourselves we can't love God and love others. Wise words I finally figured the meaning too and I've been listening to them throughout my life. God wants us to be happy not miserable. He never made sadness only happiness and joy and love. If someone doesn't love u it doesn't matter how hard u try u really cannot change there feelings and God also gave everyone freewill so he can't make them fall in love wit u. Let them go and God will give u better people in your life that will love u as much as u love them xxx God bless xxx