Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A Special Friend

Sometimes in life you will find a special
friend that you can count on.
Someone who changed your life
simply by being a part of it.
Someone who makes you feel good,
smile at will and laugh uncontrollably.
Someone who will show you there are
still some good people in the world.
Someone who will stand by you at
times when you feel you are all alone.
Someone who will make your life better,
just by being a part of theirs.


Sharon said...

In life with it's many twists and turns, up and downs, good times and bad...I am proud to say there is one of many people whom I often wondered where they were and how they were doing. It was in the early 70's I met him. And thru school days, graduation and all of life's changes lost contact. And then it happened August 21, 2011, thru the Grace of God, contact was made. I want to take this moment to give "A Special Thank You" for many reasons:
For being YOU, a wonderful person, a great friend, for being there/here.

Anonymous said...

beautiful.thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

I have a childhood friend,that I also had a crush on. In 2010 we reconnect, an then last touch, but as recently as March 2013 we found each other again, am my feeling for him as only grown deeper, and his affection for me as well as gotten deeper too, we made a promise, an ask god to keep us together this time, am so happy he's back in my life.