Thursday, June 20, 2013

Life Is What YOU Make It

Life is what you make it.

I'm making mine a good one, filled with happiness,
smiles and love and you are more than
welcome to join me.


Anonymous said...

Life is hell…nothing will be good until the fathers plan is done...then we can see!! The seven seals of his will and testiment must be fulfilled and is in motion now!!!! The love of many will grow cold...father help our hearts to love and forgive no matter what men do to us and each other...your will - will be done....even if it hurts!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Life is amazing, mysterious & I love it! Thank you Creator for this experience good & bad because without the bad times the good just aint as good! if life were perfect it would be boring, if we lived foreva we would be bored, our creator has created this for us to experience & if you ask for guidance you get it! In my opinion & no offence religion isn't about our creator, I wish there was a place called " thank you creator" and that be the only church, what is right & wrong is in our hearts & minds its just some choose to ignore it! Religion seems to cause more fighting, pain & death then anything or anyone! One world one creator one church "Earth"