Saturday, April 20, 2013

You Won't Find Anyone Like Me...

When your ex says to you

"You won't find anyone like me"

Simply reply with

"That's the Point"


Anonymous said...

when your ex-finds another he saids your the best thing that has come into my life, and he says I'm glad that your not four eyes

Anonymous said...

You wonder why theirs always another that's a question that people want to know, I have a friend and she really cared, but one was just not enough

Anonymous said...

I feel so sorry for some people who are in denial about things poor things, but I guess this is what they want to believe so be it

Anonymous said...

Wake up and smell the coffee, have a good day. I am aware of the comments,my friends even said how good they looked in their uniforms and rubbing that baby oil on their head they loved it so we wonder why do people wander off? Do you know why Dave.

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