Sunday, April 21, 2013

A Real Woman Avoids Drama

A real woman will always try to avoid drama,
because she knows her time is precious and
she simply doesn't want to waste it on things
that are not important in her life.


Anonymous said...

By the way u just cant' except things it is what was to fuckin bad that you don't like it. Apparently someone did because they kept coming,so don't get angry with me. I'm not talking about this subject anymore it is done especially with someone who is so naïve I do not have time, young girl. Do me a favor and grow up,you can go on with all your little smart remarks I really don't give a damn, I'm done with this, but if I have something to say I will say it and I mean the fuck that trash

Anonymous said...

Anyone who don't understand your silence... probably won't understand your words either...