Friday, April 26, 2013

Why Men & Women Would Rather be Single


The reason a lot of men and women would rather
be single is because they are tired of giving
everything and ending up with nothing.

Some of us have relationships like this and they can
take their toll on us and make us realize that the only
person we can truly depend on is ourselves.

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Anonymous said...

This is so true.I used to give my heart out for my husband. I would do anything for him I loved him so much. The love was never returned to me though. He would take me for granted. He knew how strong my love was for him that he would take advantage of me and expect to do everything wrong and get away with it because he thought I woukd never leave him. I eventually did leave him. He never realised that everytime he done something wrong to me that he was pushing me further away from him. Nowim back to single life and strangely it feels so good. My confidence has built up brilliantly and I'm a very strong independant person.I loved him so much and still do but what's the point loving someone so much when they won't love you back :(