Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Sincerity Seems To Be A Problem For Some...

A truly honest and sincere person is the type of person I want to be and the type of person I want to be around.
I would rather be hated for being sincere, honest
and true to myself than become a false person
who tells lies just to save face.

It is those types of people I could do without!


Anonymous said...

When you wake up and open up your eyes, and open up those brains you can tell a lie from the truth, don't be stupid trash

Anonymous said...

I just say don't be gullible ok

Anonymous said...

It's a privilege to just simply being yourself, you don't have anything to prove to anyone its none of their concern, I should its no bodys damn business

Anonymous said...

You said it is those people you can do without well why don't you and say the hell with it

Anonymous said...

Have a good night and don't even think what you think are lies

Anonymous said...

Why Dave do we be so curious about things when deep down we know the truth about things we just don't want to except things, when there proof in the pudding as they say

Unknown said...

Sincerity is easy...and relaxing, even if the consequences aren't. But Deception on the other hand. May make you feel good "at the time", will the feelings in your Heart "Last; I don't believe so, you have to continue to fabricate thus forgetting what you said in the beginning and all it does is snow ball, really becoming an avalanche that comes down upon you, how do you feel now? Probably Heavy Hearted, and Hurting yourself and others in the process! The Truth may hurt, but lasting feelings are Much Better..for and others involved.

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