Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Girl Who Stole my Heart

I know a girl who stole my heart.

She calls me her mother. I love my daughter.


Anonymous said...

Like this if you're a mom and you can say you love your daughter/daughters too. I know I love mine!

Anonymous said...

That's good you should! ! now take your life & do good with it..You have wanted this for some time, please don't mess it up "! Divorce isn't a good thing but if your not happy you have to do what's best for you!!" Good Luck! !!

Anonymous said...

what a wonderful relation in between u two....keep it up...

Anonymous said...

I added this to my facebook because i love my daughter and shes the only one who has my heart. Shes so wonderful

Anonymous said...

I love my daughter so much that sometimes I could stop breathing when her life has been in at risk. She survives her twin sister, so she is my everything!!

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