Thursday, December 13, 2018

Find Your Elf Name.

Your Elf Name.

Get into the Christmas spirit and see if you, your family
and your good friends have an Elf name.

Simply take the first letter of your first name and the month you were born and then use the key above. Don't forget to leave a comment either here or on Facebook :)

Let's have some fun this Christmas


ktobias5126 said...

Chipper PeppermintBuns

Unknown said...

Jolly peppermint buns

Unknown said...

sweety mcsprinkles and my babies are flirty sugarplum and flirty mcjingles lolz

Linda said...

This is also a very good post which I really enjoyed reading. It is not everyday that I have the possibility to see something like this.

Unknown said...

Tooties sugarbells

Unknown said...

Happy pepermintsbuns

Lori Harrison said...

Angelie Angelear

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Anonymous said...

Flirty sugarplum