Saturday, October 1, 2016

These 9 signs mean you're over-stressed and you don't know it.

Stress can be a killer and even if it isn’t its one of the most miserable lifestyle conditions to suffer from. The problem with stress isn’t due to our physiology although there are some diseases that can cause stress. But more often than not it is external factors wearing out your emotions at work or even at home.

According to the WebMD, stress is defined as a bodily response to environment change. Well perhaps but that should be more specific to read lifestyle change as what we undergo everyday as part of routine activity is what causes the stress. Our body reacts in different ways to stress and though many feel they aren’t stressed out, you’ll be surprised knowing that you are. Here are nine signs you are over stressed and should do something about it.

1 Various types of body pain
When you’re stressed out, you may start experiencing unexplained aches and pains in your body. One clear indication of stress is stomach problems. Various other bodily symptoms are stomach ulcers, mouth ulcers, taut and tense muscle, chest pain and shortness of breath or palpitations. Arthritis may cause problems and headaches will be common. The first step towards stress management is acceptance.
2 You Suffer From Insomnia
Insomnia and restless sleep is another stress related symptom. Both Insomnia and oversleeping are stress induced as oversleeping could mean you are exhausted. Such problems can be rectified with a healthy diet, exercise, yoga and meditation. However you need to locate the root cause of your problem where psychotherapy will help a lot. Restless sleep, nightmares, or incessant worrying at night all impede your state of mind which can also be reflected in the way you dream. Sleep is the first problem you face when stressed.
3 Weight Fluctuations
Both sudden weight loss and weight gain could be an indication of stress which slows your metabolism resulting in gaining weight. Your emotional state affects appetite which in turns results in weight problems. Stress results poor circulation thus resulting in low levels of oxygen for cells. Your mental state directly impacts how you treat your physical body. eating disorders and the constant urge to eat is also a sign of stress.
4 Constant worrying about work and life problems
Inability to meet life’s challenges and manage work is one of the first problems to cause stress. Constant worrying can ultimately lead to increased psychological and physiological problems. If you are habituated in constantly checking emails, your phone, pouring over your work papers at night, the stress is taking a huge toll on you.
5 Even while awake you are restless
The constant need to do something or the inability to sit still is also a sign you are over stressed. This also is an indication of high anxiety levels where the inability to relax or read a book inst there. Your mind could be your worst enemy in elevating your problems because of viewing them form narrow perspectives. You need to seek professional help in managing your emotional anxiety. In addition activities like sitting in a park, stretching exercises and spending some quiet time alone for introspection can help.
6 You are impatient
Lack of tolerance and being impatient with others such as family members and friends is a definite sign of stress. If you find yourself snapping constantly at others and losing your temper, then it’s time to get help so that you ease the load of your shoulders. You simply have to slow down or you are liable to have a nervous breakdown.
7 Major mood swings
Like intolerance and impatience, moodiness is also due to stress. The typical behavior of laughing one moment and crying the next means your hormones are in turmoil. Stress makes you keep everything bottled up inside and when it does come out it releases a rush of emotions. Learn to talk to people. Confiding in friends or a close companion can certainly help. Stress not only drains you physically and emotionally, it takes a huge toll on your relationships. It can also trigger alcohol and drug addiction.
8 Unexplained Hair Loss
Carolyn Jacob, MD, medical director of Dermatology says that most people shed 100 hairs a day. However when stressed out, that number reduces to a resting phase which is shed all at once three to four months later. In effect, stress upsets normal physiological cycles of your body and hair loss is one of them.
9 Loss of Libido
This is one of the biggest problems of stress where males common experience a condition of erectile dysfunction and the inability to respond sexually to partners. The same could be said for females with stress. The lack of wanting intimacy of any kind is one of the biggest signs you are over stressed. Such problems definitely need medical attention and a proper stress management routine. Couples should always express their problems to one another because once the problems are out they no longer take hold of you.


TLI74 said...

Yes all of them. Plus my heart literally starts hurting. Had to get put on blood pressure meds

Maria0618 said...

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Anonymous said...

Omg this is so me...

Anonymous said...

Recently I had to move back to my home town after 10 years of living in another state. Stress is kicking my butt.

Anonymous said...

Don't sleep very much, have high blood pressure, thyroid problems, no sex life AT all. moody always unhappy, sooner cry than laugh. partner is less than helpful not interested in talking about anything, just tells me to sit down, to shut up and take things slower, he's no help in any way shape or form. so Ive moved out into the spare room and read for hrs after sitting watching tv after tea on my own for how ever long then Im awake very early, I keep telling him Im over it, he just shrugs his shoulders and couldn't care less, tried anti depressant tablets they didn't seem to work except I became over weight with them which didn't help the situation at all, have tried hypnotherapy and phsycoligy grrr somedays Im really over it all.

Lee Kim said...

Leave him... or ignore him totally if finanacial reason is why you did not pack and leave.
Change your outlook.. think of yourself at all times is too short to worry about others...occupy yourself wuth things you like to do and the day will pass by quicker... best if luck

Unknown said...

All but hair loss wish I could get a good night's sleep pain in neck shoulders constantly tried massage etc canny have a long soak in the bath tried have to get out after a few minutes

Anonymous said...

Stress caused me to lose my job. No one at work understood I was overloaded, overwhelmed with projects. Just because I was the only woman in my department, I was dumped with the things none of the men wanted. I was expected to meet every deadline. I lost sleep, hair, weight, gained weight cause I grabbed whatever was in the vending machines to eat, lost my husband cause he wasn't understanding to my stress and gave me more by letting his young daughter who had two young babies, come live with us. She worked a second shift job, so guess who took care of the 8 week old and three year old children? I love children but I had raised my children and still had a teenage boy at home. Thank goodness he was a good Christian boy that was grounded and obeyed the rules. My husband couldn't understand why I didn't want sex when the kids were gone to visit their dad. I wanted "down time" for myself to not be trying to satisfy someone no matter who or what it was. He wanted me to see a specialist about my moods. My moods? I am stressed out! I have all the chores to do at home while he was out hunting or fishing and who knows where his daughter was, that didn't even come home on Friday nights. I lost my self esteem when the upper management at work couldn't understand why my work wasn't as good as it used to be. I was a graphics designer and an engineering designer and their in house photographer. I also did some purchasing expediting and data processing and entry. Every payday the company was laying people off, which meant that job was dumped on someone else. I never knew when my number was up. Stress will kill you. The day they laid me off, I was sad, scared, but relieved, the stress left with the job, husband and the saddest part, the baby that I raised up till she was four. That part was the hardest to let go. I never was able to go back to work. I was 58 yrs old, too old to start over, too old to try something new. I was washed up. I got on disability because of two medical conditions I was also battling along with everything else. (Yes, I was also under a doctor's care taking several meds.) Best decision I ever made, I am taking care of me, money is tight, but I have no stress that can't be handled with prayer and a good book. God Bless all.

Anonymous said...

Me also all ways in prayer thank God for his son Jesus amen GLORY to God and his son Jesus amen

Anonymous said...

I'm very high anxiety body nows it .now I'm. Don't sleep well .. scared tighten a 24.7 hate being alone have to be but now worse used to. BE .. but so much going on family don't talk to. Me upset me etc want bore u with rest stuff ... hardly cope life go's on as hubby says swear me on me I'm no one very lonely worrying person waiting heart attack ... or breck down xx

Anonymous said...

My mother passed away in August and all the sudden my hair is coming out

Anonymous said...

I am sorry for your loss. Too many "bad things" have happened to me. I can't seem to get ahead. My hair is coming out too among some of these other listed items.

Anonymous said...

Folks stop worrying - do your best and leave the rest. find some happiness in a hobby or watching movies, take a walk. do something you want. learn to say "NO" and mean it . don't overload yourself. I'm 74 years old, disabled , living on Social security - husband works. he doesn't want to quit work cause he would get bored.
my biggest problem is how I'm gona tell him I fell on the back steps this am, thank God I am well padded on the rear. still its sore. talk about a catch in your get along - wow

Adam joan said...

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Anonymous said...

I think i have all these 9 signs of being over I can see to my self.I lost weight,i easily get angry.
And there are times I am emmotional in a way that I can't explain why?
there were times also I became soo depressed and found my self crying...
I wanted to ask on what to do or on how to stop these feelings or these emmotions pls ?thank you.hope you can advice me.

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K. B said...

I lost my Momma in 2015 & Father in 2004. Im still trying to cope with my losses..Prayers🙏 for you & Your Loved Ones🙏

Anonymous said...

I felt 100% better after moving completely out of my Relationship that shrugged, manipulated, demeans, & belittled me..When it came down to having a Partner in my life to help me, I was looking in the wrong place in the wrong person at all the wrong times in my life. Now workibg on my other Issues that being with my partner led up to these problems.

Anonymous said...

The little ?? We're of a little boy praying..My apologies..Have a Blessed Weekend!

Lee Kim said...

At any point we do go through at least one of them...

Kelly Curtis said...

This also describes symptoms of "Graves Disease".

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