Thursday, July 23, 2015

Sometimes, you need to be a Parent.

Some parents need to start being a parent 
instead of trying to be a friend.

Some parents need to stop being scared 
of upsetting their children.

They will get over it - Trust me!


د. هانى احمد said...

But be sure that your children are free of any depression or psycho,ogical disorders before upsetting them for a reason. It may cause a disaster.

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zet gutierrez said...

Thanks for sharing!
True,they must be that when they grow older, they can get over from what’s life in the outside world

Anonymous said...

I tred it, now my son hasnt talked to me n 14 years.

Anonymous said...

Some people need to actually take the time to discipline instead of saying if they would have listened they wouldn't have got hurt. No you suppose to be there prevent them from getting hurt.

Anonymous said...

Very true!! Any pre-existing condition, like PTSD could cause more problems.

Unknown said...

Unfortunately this is a common issue

Anonymous said...

Kids don't listen

Kelly said...

In my world I have 2 stepchildren. At our home we have rules and consistency at the other parents home is more of a friend don't upset the kids type of relationship. I'm glad my husband and I have done things the way we have because add the stepmother to a 14 and 16 year old I couldn't ask for better girls. I have a wonderful mother daughter relationship but they also know they can come to me with anything even if I'm going to be upset and or disappointed. They know we love them regardless and we'll work through it. Parent first friend later! ♥️

Unknown said...

parents should disciplined their kids with respect. they must know their limitation as a parent. in this situation we need a balance emotion in making's hard but if God's in your side things will come easily. feel them that your were doing that for them...for preparing them not for any reason at all... if you really love your kids you will not allowed them to be in danger in their whole life. DISCIPLINE comes first at home of course with their parents or relatives around...some or more of them their vission and missions in life started or originated thru showing them how to face the fact or the reality of life...of course be fair with their feelings...i know little by little they will get through with it...parents love your kids more than you love yourself...😘😘😘

Anonymous said...

I discipline my daughter, her father says I'm to hard on her. She broke in to a house that someone moved out of. I took everything away from her. I ask her father if he said anything to her. He said no she only needs one person yelling at her. I said O so she thinks your alright with it. You need to tell her it's not alright.��

Anonymous said...

Sure,. And that prepares them for the real world and the very reason why there are so many snowflakes among us...

Anonymous said...

We are a blended family and I have 3 teenagers that are really depressed partly because their other biological parents aren't around. So I've been told I'm not a good mother/disciplinary because of fear they may hurt themselves. (which they all have expressed in the past)

Anonymous said...

Parent out of love and respect. Told to me by a very wise woman...Dont worry they grown up sooner then later...some not at all. By the time they 18 it's no longer your monkey or circus.

Sadly but true... said...

I have two step-sons, and I rarely use the word “step-son”. Presently 18 & 14. The younger, resides with Grand Parents, due to the disciplinary structure in our home didn’t meet his “ coolness”. After residing with Grand Parents , who have no type of discipline structure he has really grown out of hand, and they have no control. Recently our 18- yr old chose to step out and leave our home, seeking the cool and non disciplinary household where his younger brother resides and brags about his freedom. Grandparents, without a call show up to pick up 18- yr old, not one courtesy call, “ your son called and asked us to pick him up, as he no longer wants to reside in your home” I find that very sneaky! As, they never wanted anything to do with this one, always catered to the younger one. Grandparents thinking their doing these boys justice, by showing up and give the perception of a empathy rescue. Grandparents already have 3- Adult men and one married with two kids living in a small 3- room home and each one over 30 co- dependent. Grandparents complain about money and this and that, yet not one adult male has stood up on his own two feet. Not to be long winded but Grandparents are great, but when they circumvent our household, it’s a line crossed! Sure, my son is 18 and can make a choice, a mature one that’s questionable! He left because, the thoughts of work and college were to demanding, and he hasn’t even started! Now? He won’t probably follow through with school or work, Grandparents will create a sanctuary to win his favoritism and he’ll be a couch potato. I’m good with it, his Mom definitely heart broken, but maybe it’s the best to see if he grows wings and flies or becomes the nester, in a home where it’s acceptable to really d nothing in this life....

Argie said...

Do it as they grow, from young age, if you do it later in life, be sure they will rebel!.

Anonymous said...

Kids still need routein and bounties and consequences. Get them into counseling and into your doctor. Enabling their behavior/depression talk isnt doing them any good. Good luck.

carsrus said...

Why are today’s children out of control?
Because Dr Spock was a left wing snowflake of the large 1950-60’s who said never spank your child!
Indeed ........ parents then in most cases, ignored him and off came Dad’s belt for a good hard licking that provided Johnny and friends to compare who had the most stripes across their butts in the locker room.
Today if one dares Spank, the DEEP STATE WILL HAVE YOU ARRESTED and attempt to remove your kids !
This sick deep state “ IT TAKES A VILLAGE “ has left America in the CULT OF INSANITY, ONCE CALLED DEMOCRATS, that are attempting to destroy our GREAT CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC.

Anonymous said...

Didn't work for me. I resented my parents my whole life.

Anonymous said...

Clearly, you, and so many others, misunderstand the meaning of what it is to be a friend. if you think that being a friend means keeping your mouth shut, letting your friend do whatever they want to their own demise, tiptoeing around feelings, and not providing sound counsel when needed, then I hope I never have friends like you. And I hope you find better friends.

Anonymous said...

When you point a finger at everyone else, there are always 3 pointing back at you. Great display if hurling fault in the direction of a group you clearly aren't a part of, and therefore truly don't understand. Your emotional maturity needs some work!

Anonymous said...

Being a parent and being a friend means telling it straight but knowing when to keep the details to a minimum and only allowing a child to make decisions when they have the mental capacity to handle the consequences.

Being a friend is very similar but the difference is the parent should know best and if they dont then they shouldnt be a parent! Parents are ultimately held responsible for their childs actions because they are a child.

Kids dont respect or honor their parents because parents dont know how or know when to be a parent versus a friend.

Respect is not earned in this situation! That's the misunderstanding that has to change or this messes of kids raising kids will never stop.

If you have babies, grow up! The adult they become is greatly up to you!especially in the beginning when developing those basic morals and the ability to SELF REGULATING!

If a person can not self regulate then they should not be bring more babies into this world.... grow up first before damaging another human!

Anonymous said...

Sry for the ....Typos

mess.... not messes

regulate.... not regulating

bringing.....not bring

If theres more...sry.

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