Thursday, July 9, 2015

6 ways to accelerate your weight loss.

Most experts say that if you want to lose weight then you need to eat less and exercise more and for the most part this is true.

However in today’s modern world, a lot of people just don’t have the time regularly go the gym and will eat when they can.

Everyone wants to lose weight and keep their body in good condition so what can we do to help us lose weight faster without taking huge chunks out of our day?

Once you have started cutting out high sugar foods, junk food and all the things you actually know are not good for you and you have got your body used to a different way of eating, you can try utilising these 6 easy tips to help with your diet and exercising, which will greatly improve your ability to lose weight and make you feel better.


It is believed that chewing your food for longer will actually help people lose weight. Why? Because there is a delay between eating a meal and your brain realizing that you have actually had enough food. This delay can cause people to actually eat a little more than they need to. Experts believe that chewing more will actually convince your brain you have had more food than you really have. You can also try chewing a stick of gum after your meal which can simulate this action and will also help in food digestion.


We all need to drink fluids to live but how much we all really need is another matter. Most of us live in a state of very mild, chronic dehydration which will make your body feel lethargic and promote weight gain. To enhance your quality of life and assist with weight loss, drink plenty of water each day and have a glass of water either before or during your meal times as this will allow you to get your daily amount of water and also fill your stomach as your eat, reducing the need to large food portions.


This may surprise you but not all body fat is bad for you. Most of your body fat will be white fat, which stores energy for your body to use and this is how most of think of our body fat, however we also have brown fat which our bodies will naturally burn to keep us warm. You can accelerate and increase your fat loss simply by exposing your body to colder temperatures which should promote brown fat growth and usage.


Going for a walk after a meal is a great way to help your body to promote fat burning and over time will help you lose weight. Going for a walk requires hardly any effort and can also assist and promote regular bowel movements. If you have a dog, take the dog for a walk after your meal. If not, find another excuse to go for a walk and if you can, go with someone else. Talking with someone and engaging with others will actually keep you out longer and help you exercise even more.


This is something which is quite new and with the influx of camera phones has made this task a lot easier to do and easier to make it part of your routine. Have you ever taken a picture of a nice meal you prepared or a lovely meal you had when you went for a meal in a nice restaurant? I think most of us have and so, this tip can become second nature. Taking pictures of your meals will allow you to see just how much you are eating and if you are dieting, just how many corners you are cutting or how right you are getting it. Most of us know what we eat and what we should be either eating or cutting out. Taking pictures will just make us think about things before we prepare and after we have eaten.


It is well known that healthier foods will naturally be absorbed slower by your body and that junk food is absorbed a lot more quickly, making your body want to eat again far too soon. We need to remove that craving and eliminate the need to eat more or the dreaded “snacking”.

There are ways in which you can assist your body to digest food more slowly. Adding ingredients such as lemon juice, natural honey and cinnamon will help you slow down the rate which your food travels from your stomach to your intestines and therefore keep you fuller for longer. You can use honey as a sugar replacement in most meals and use lemon, cinnamon and other natural ingredients to enhance taste in meals and in turn, help your body. These tactics can also assist in having better insulin and blood sugar levels because honey digests more slowly than sugar.

All of these tips can be used as part of or along side your diet to help you maintain or lose weight but most importantly you need to remember that we are all different and diets work differently with some people. If you find something isn't working for you then try something new and eventually you will find what actually works and is right for you

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The key to success is making healthy options the most convenient choice, rather than something that will take more time and energy when you are lacking either or both.

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