Sunday, April 12, 2015

Loss can be painful.

Some think that the most painful thing in life is losing someone you love. The truth is, the most painful thing can be losing yourself because you loved someone so much that you forgot just how special you are. 


Unknown said...

so hard to go on alone, when the love of your life has passed away, hard to be alone, you miss him so much, he was my world, my first love and my last.

catin2548 said...

I agree Shirley. I don't feel special.

jd1231cami said...

I miss my brother so much he passed away 43 months ago. He was waiting for a double lung transplant but it never came. He is my best buddy.

catin2548 said...

So sorry for your losses, Shirley and Cami. I have lost my parents, my brother any my husband, and I miss them everyday.

shari said...

In last year I've lost my mom and then my son was killed 7 months later my grandaughter was killed in car accident.I don't know how to go on!The three people I loved more then anything in this world have been takein!And I don't understand and thank I ever will.......

kbd1225 said...

Shari, my husband was killed in an "accident" on a major highway. He had pulled his truck over to the shoulder of the road, and got out of his truck, and a man didn't want to stay with the traffic that was letting my husband pull his truck over. He hit 2 other cars, the second one sent him spinning out of control and he hit my husband head on, ran over him, my husband was burned by the exhaust and they had to get the car off of him before the EMTs could look at him. The man got a ticket for following to closely. My nephew was the dispatcher for the EMS services, and came to my front door to tell me. That was 2 weeks before Thanksgiving in 2014. I got through the holidays, my sister was jealous my husband was killed and I was "free" and we stopped speaking. The following April, I had to put my dog to sleep. MY DOG, I have my husband's dog. I don' see my family much, because they work and have small children and they have lives, and my sister and I don't speak. I went to 2 grief share classes at church, and I would suggest that for starters. I still cry, I will never get over losing them, but I don't miss my sister, she is very angry and sick. Grief takes time and it's your own time. You lost a lot and people who haven't been through this think it takes about a year. It takes whatever time it takes. I don't want another man either, I loved my husband and I still do. Just know there is no other choice other than to move forward, and not think you will be in this spot forever. The other members of my immediate family are gone and I miss them everyday too. There is nothing wrong with missing them, and wishing they were still here, but you will eventually come to the realization, they are still with us, and watching over us. Please look for a grief share class. It really does help, because everyone there is on the same playing field as you, they are there because they lost someone. I will keep you and others on here in my prayers.

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