Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Fall for someone who love you.

When you fall in love, fall for someone who wants you and adores you. Someone who will understand you, even when you lose it. Someone who will help you, guide you and support you when you need them to. Fall for someone who will forgive you when you're wrong and also admit when they are. Fall for someone who will miss you and never wants to be away from you. Don't fall for looks, they will always fade. Fall for someone with a beautiful heart and soul. 
~ by Dave Hedges


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christian outlaw said...

that is called Your Soul Mate....Mine went home to be with Jesus Jan. 17, 2016...Never find another like Steve Back...Who loved me in spite of my self...and I will miss that kind of Love

Unknown said...

Lovely I have found my soul mate 20 years ago

Unknown said...

That is what we call a True & Unconditional Love...

Anonymous said...

I never found my soulmate. I saddens me to confess I settled. Of course, it did not last!