Monday, May 26, 2014

People with blue eyes.

People with blue eyes are kind hearted and always 

look for the best in others.
They will love with all their heart and are the type of
people who are hard to forget.
They are the best at pretending to be happy during
hard times and will tend to please others before themselves.


Unknown said...

This is as true as it gets !!!

King said...

There's no such thing as people with a certain eye color having specific personality traits.

Julie Pruitt said...

Adolf Hitler had blue eyes. Jeffrey Dahmer had blue eyes. Ted Bundy had blue eyes. Henry the VIII had blue eyes. Billy the Kid had blue eyes. Vladimir Putin has blue eyes. Bashar al-Assad has blue eyes. Blue-eyed people, as well as any other eye-colored people, can be evil or good. The eye color has little to do with peoples' kindness and love ability.