Sunday, December 8, 2013

Thanking Family & Friends At Christmas

It's been a long hard year, full of up's and down's
and I just wanted to take this opportunity to say
thank you to all of my family and friends,
just for being there.

Merry Christmas

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Unknown said...

Hey Dave... I know what you mean about a long hard year... I have had one of those myself... I am glad you have family close to you to help you through, some of us have to deal with everything alone... Im not complaining as i am quite used to it.. been doing it for a long part of my life... I wish i was there with all of you permanently and not just for holidays.. Next year may be an even harder year for me with work stuff... lots of big changes which can change the lives of many at the uni. There used to be a time where the university actually cared for their staff but not anymore.. all our jobs, once again, is under fire. Being on my own is something i just deal with.. but dont worry there is always a plan B.. hence having bought myself a new car.. if i dont have a job, i lose the house but i will have a nice car to live Always thinking of all of my family overseas and I wish you all the very best of everything. Missing you all and hold the memories close to my heart from my time there with you all. Love and kisses to you and all the family. Love ya lots.. xoxoxoxoxoxo