Sunday, November 17, 2013

The greatest Mother in the world

A rose to share for the greatest
Mother in the world.

I love you Mum x


Anonymous said...

You are the BEST Love you

Anonymous said...

Ur r the greatest of them all in my life.

Anonymous said...

Will always love you just wish you where here to let you know :( I know you know I always have you in my heart with lots of love

Anonymous said...

love you & miss you

mintymo said...

I will always have my mother with no matter where I go Meri Miraka Kaireko Wharekawa is and always will be the greatest Mother of all,Miss u MUMMY heaps :(

Teresa Flaherty said...

My lovely wonderfull mum, how i miss you. Tomorrow is xmas day and you are not here, never thought this. If i could just spend one more day with you, all i would wish for this xmas, i dont need nothing more....I will never forget your smiling face, your kind heart and you was here for me throughout my life, you made me who i am today...You will never leave my heart...Stay in my heart forever....Miss you so much mummy. xxxx My love for you will never die.xxxxx

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