Wednesday, November 20, 2013

It's a friend thing...

I'm not in your heart but I miss you.

I'm not your family but I care for you.

I'm not your blood but I'm ready to share your pain.

Why? ~ Because I'm your friend.


Tammy Croslin said...

Although I may have never met any of you here online, & we exchange photos, posts, tweets, videos, or anything, I Care, & Anyone wants to share their views or comments, or anything to say, please feel free to say so, Don't worry, It will never be a problem, We all face life challenges, & Hurt, & Pain, & We just try to hide that pain inside & bottle it up, and suppress those emotions, We all have trials, hardships, at some point in life, & that's alright, That's Human Nature, I Love to share these Quotes & Words of Wisdom, & Hope It Helps or Encourages, Then that would make me feel great, (One just really never knows, a word of kindness or a simple hello, & just caring can do, I'm a good listener & Hope this gives Hope, Joy, & Happiness To All<3<3<3

Anonymous said...

Thank you for all your compassion... I'm not God, But if I was, you certainally have the Golden Ticket in my Eyes...

Anonymous said...


Happy Valentines Day 2k19 said... best wishes

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