Wednesday, November 6, 2013

All Things In Our Lives Happen For A Reason

Do you believe there are no accidents in life?

All things in our lives happen for a reason and
all of the people we meet along the way will play
a part in our lives some big, some small.

Some will make us cry, some will hurt us, some will
betray us but this only serves to make us stronger.

Some will teach us valuable life lessons that will
transform us into a better, stronger and wiser person.


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True you can also choose to take that path or turn off at the next juntion. Take charge hear what people say see with your own eyes decide

Anonymous said...

I must be very strong and wise by now then....

Anonymous said...

We only become stronger and wiser if we learn from those life lessons and do not repeat them over and over. For me, it sometimes takes having to do it a couple of times to learn what is being taught. With a positive attitude, I can not hold grudges and take it as just that - a life lesson and move on.

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