Thursday, October 24, 2013

Don't Worry About What Others Think

People are going to talk about you
regardless of what you say or do.
So just live your life the way you want
to and don't worry or care about
what others think.

make yourself happy.


Anonymous said...

I totally agree some people think that I drink so much, so they call me a alcoholic I know what I do, I drink sociable drinking really drinking is not my think, but they say I'm a alcoholic I guess next they will be calling me a crack baby but I don't care what they think and yes I say misery loves company

Anonymous said...

God help u u shudnt feel miserable. Life has so much to offer so enjoy it while were here. I know we do have bad times but there's always good times as well and I believe that bad times are only there too make u stronger and wiser. Trust me u wudnt believe the stress I do have right now and have no choice to face. Everyone likes to drink now and then. I'm the same myself at times. More times people think I don't drink but its just that when I'm on my own in the comforts of my home I'll have a few drinks. To me its to try cope wit the stress of life (although it won't solve my problems) but I seriously have to face drink isn't gonna help my problem. And people have started to call me an alcoholic. To me I'm not though I don't drink mornin to nite and don't feel I depend on drink all the time and I try not to drink but when worry and stress catches up I'll get a few to relax. Yet this isn't constantly this maybe once a week or even less and plus I do need to realise it won't solve my problem but its nice to relax for them few hours and it wud be worse if I was on drugs god forbid. I try my best dealing with lifes problems and am strong but ya have to chill out now and again and I relax. if I was gonna have a drink problem I wud get help. Wat I can say is don't care wat everyone thinks. This is ur life so live it the way u want not wat everyone else wants but do look after urself. If u need help do go look for it and get help but try to enjoy ur life. Please don't depend on drink constantly there's other ways to enjoy life but ya can have a few now and then cos that's healthy for ya. Life is hard and we have worrys and struggles and too many hard tings to deal with but life has to go on however bad it is. And if we don't look after ourselfs noone else is gonna care aboue us so put urself first enjoy life and be happy. That's all ya can do. If ya have problems talk to someone don't keep them to urself tell someone u trust (even a doctor or priest if ur religious) cos keepin stuff to ourselfs eats away wit us if its too difficult. And if u feel like u want a few drinks wat harm r u doing? As long as ur not goin mad round the streets or doin harm to others then relax enjoy urself wit a few drinks and forget bout everyone else. Look after urself though and take care and may god bless u and protect u xxxxx

Hope this helps I know how u feel. Keep ur chin up and remember the sun always shines after the rain xxxxx God bless u xxx

Anonymous said...

Thanku this is both so lovely&kind but also so sadx i hope u find the peac&happiness u so truly deserve especially as what u wish for others could only come from an unselfish heart thanku
I wish u all the peace,happiness & lobe n the world ������