Friday, September 13, 2013

To My Children Who Have An Answer For Everything...

To my children who like to argue with me
and have an answer for everything.


Give up now, I have decades more experience than you.

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Anonymous said...

Hahahaha had to laugh with this post but it is soo true. I argued with my parents a lot thinking I knew everything when really I was foolish and had no sense. But in a way I'm glad I would argue my point because my parents were too clingy and even though I would have to learn the hard way the answers for things, I learned a lot on my own and got wiser for myself. Yes it would have been easier if I just listened to my parents in the first place but I wouldn't have the wisdom I have now. I hate when they say I told u so. So know I'm like yea but look at all I've learned now for myself. What I have learned now though is to listen to my parents advice and consider should I listen or not. To me life is an adventure though. Take the good and the bad and learn something from it. Its alrite listenin to other people but then if u do that all your life where's the fun? Your living someone elses life so I don't want that. In my case with clingy parents I had to argue my point with them. I still have to argue at times I want my own independance but I do understand that they love me and just worry too much so god bless them for caring so much xxxxx