Wednesday, September 11, 2013

That Fateful Day 9 - 11

That Fateful day 9-11 - Written by Dave Hedges

I can’t forget that fateful day,

Innocent people, taken away.
A sadness filled me up inside,

Emotions that I could not hide.
Tears, they came, sadness too,

All my emotions, pouring through.
Time will heal, so I was told,

but time could never fill this hole.
In my heart there is a place,

They’re always there, keeping us safe.
It’s filled with love & happy times,

It’s never dark, their light it shines.
In heaven now they do reside,

To watch over us, stand at our side.
I can’t forget that fateful day,

but in my heart they will always stay.


Anonymous said...

Every year the memories and images come flooding back into my mind as painful now as it was then RIP.

Anonymous said...

Time does not heal the memories of this day.

Anonymous said...

That day I thought was the end of the world soldiers in the streets ppl looking lost parent running to get their kids from school it was a dayno one will forget rip to all innocent ppl we lost on that day

Anonymous said...

this day impacted on me in so many ways as I lost my childhood friend but I also gave birth to my son still all over the place 12 years later

Joyce Weatherly said...

Same here I get those awful pictures going through my mind & then I think about all those people who lost their lives & of all the hero's that were there too hour after hour pulling people out that they could & getting them help if they could & covering up the ones who didn't make it. I keep all them in my heart & pray. Knowing they are in heaven w/ our Lord & Savior. Amen!!!