Wednesday, September 10, 2014

In Memory of 9 ~ 11 - We Will Never Forget

As the 13th anniversary of September 11th approaches, this page pays tribute to the victims, their families and the many nations
affected by this tragedy.

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Unknown said...

To all the families out there who lost loved ones they are not forgotten forever in our hearts x

clj said...

to everybody who lost loved ones in this attack and to those who survived,you are all in my thoughts and prayers x

Anonymous said...

I will never forget this day in all of my life, I pray for all of the families who lost a loved one on this day, I ask God to give all of you the strength, may God be with you all

Unknown said...

by Troy Allen Houston
The war on terror has lasted a long time,
I will try to tell you why in this rhyme.
On 9-11 terrorist came to America to strike a blow,
they wanted to kill people they didn't even know.
They flew planes into the Twin Towers,
the terror didn't end, it lasted for hours.
Everyone was watching, but it wasn't long,
we heard another flight hit the Pentagon.
People hung out the windows,breathing their last breath,
before falling out many floors to their death.
All the world heard the when the towers fell down,
then it was told flight 93 flew into the ground.
People walked around in a daze, many were in awe,
they just couldn't believe what they had just saw.
We heard from the President, "It's a terrorist act.
All of these planes have been hi jacked."
Across the land feelings of loss was shared,
then America heard that war was declared.
It was on this day America came together as one,
we wouldn't forget the fallen till vengeance was done.
Our troops flew across the cold blue sea,
we would not let the terrorist go free.
They tracked them down in a foreign land,
showing all that America was taking a stand.
Since that day we have lost many in war,
America won't forget till we settle the score.
Many countries joined in on the fight,
they knew the war on terror was right.
the terrorist tried to hide,
pulling different kinds of tricks,
America wasn't playing games,
they sent in seal team six.
They went into the compound without a mistake,
cutting off the head of Al Qaeda's snake.
On that day thousands of innocent people had died,
the day our loved ones were lost, America cried.
America and our allies have lost daughters and sons,
but, America will not forget till the war is done!

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LYNN said...