Sunday, September 22, 2013

Cancer Takes Those We Love Too Early

Cancer takes those we love far too early.

It hurts us deeply and the loss
breaks our heart.

I'm sharing this on my wall in defiance
of cancer and to show those we have lost,
those who have fought and those that are
fighting this curse, that we are with them
and united.


Cassandra Shields said...

I definately stand United beside my friends, family, loved ones and anyone who continues to fight against this deadly, horrible and evil disease!!!

Catherine Fields said...

Cancer has taken way too many family, friends and others that I do not know but deeply feel and understand their pain. Let us all STAND UP to CANCER!!
I posted this on my Cancer Network page -
May everyone join us in this fight and may God bless all of the good soldiers fighting this battle each day.

royaladvert said...

Cancer, stole away my marital life, my sister and a couple of friends-What a bomb, what a silent killer. May God bless those that are fighting against this evil disease.
May the affected one get the healing touch of God-Amen

Unknown said...

Dolly Tilson said...

I lost both my parents to cancer my dad in 1992 and my mommie August the 3rd.2003,and my heart and prayers go out to all who have to bare this terrible dease.I miss and love them both dearly ,maybe one day there will be a cure .God Bless us all

Dolly Tilson said...

My dad would have been 86 today happy birthday daddy I love you

Anonymous said...

Love this. My 27 year old daughter passed away almost a year ago from Breast and Bone Cancer. Miss Her More Than You Knew