Thursday, August 1, 2013

Mental Health Awareness

Depression, anxiety and panic attacks are not signs of weakness.
They are signs of trying to remain strong for far too long.

1 in 3 of us will suffer with this at some point in our lives
and will need love and support.

Please feel free to share


Unknown said...

This is awesome, how can I send this to someone who needs to read it?

Anonymous said...

You just tap it then follow the options for instruction via fb, gmail etc

Unknown said...

Plzzzzz more instruction about anxiety on fb or other network.....

Anonymous said...

Sometimes you don't even know what you have because you're holding it inside and until it starts making you sick or your body is acting differently that's when you really need to seek help with your Dr or counseling and don't depend on those pills asked God to help you and lay it at His feet and He's the only one that can heal you from whatever you have and have Faith, Trust, Hope, cause with man it's impossible and with God it's possible...Amen!!!

Anonymous said...

I suffered severe burn out for staying strong too. Loss of a 27 year partnership and the loss of a child all in a period of 2 months. I buried myself in keeping busy by going to take a secretarial course of 6 months and a lot of other educational things such as volunteering and so on THEN came the moment that I crashed big time. Seriously depressed and tired like I had never been in my entire life. I reached out for help.
I ifght depression all the time but now I know the signs and take precaution in not creating overload.

Anonymous said...

I lost my mother to cancer, my brother to a heart attack and my son to a heroine addiction all in a five month span, I went to work 24/7 and tried not to cry, eventually it caught up with me and I started having severe anxiety attacks, sleeping, not sleeping, nightmares, it has been 8 months and it is hitting me like it was yesterday, most days it is hard doing anything.

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