Thursday, August 22, 2013

Children Value Presence, Not Presents

The best way to teach our children is to be there for them,
to guide them and show them how to be the best they
can possibly be.

Our children will always value our
presence than our presents


a Seeker of the TRUTH said...

All a child needs is quality time rather than quantity time, and love being shown rather than hearing short tempers and impatience to make your little one happy

Anonymous said...

That is the best way I have ever heard it put. It seems like these days there is no family time. Everyone goes their on way. They do not realize this until it's to late they have missed their child growing up. Because one day your bringing your baby home and its like over night your helping them move out on their on and your wonder where did the time go. Well it went by without spending all the time you could have with your child but you were to busy doing other things you thought were more important good your family when what was the most important thing was spending time with your child making memories for them and you something your child wanted more then material things. Remember LOVE is free and your child will grow up and be gone before you know it, so while you can spend all the time you can with them and always let them know you love and you are proud of them. The ones that get that at home will know that is how family is suppose to be and will raise their children like they were raised never let your child go through life wondering if you really ever loved them, that hurts I know because I was gone that way but I make sure my daughter knows everyday I love her and proud she is my daughter. Don't be ashamed to show them all the love you have for them ,heck my daughter is 36 and it doesn't matter who's around or where we are I make sure she knows I love her.

Anonymous said...

You have said this so good. This puts me in mind of my late husband he was always at work or out with the guys so my sons suffered because of it. I was a stay at home mom not by choice but because my sons needed me at home. My husbands mother died when he was very young like 5 and he didn't want his kids growing up without a mom home with them. He has been gone over 9 yrs and my sons ared grown the baby one is 29 and I'm like you I let them know I love them.

Anonymous said...

I hope you misspoke/mistyped, Julie. A child needs QUANTITY time. A child is not some item to pencil in on your busy schedule. A child is a parent's first priority above all others. That does mean sacrificing many personal wants and desires to give the child what he/she needs - QUANTITY time.

Anonymous said...

The cats in the cradle, by Harry Shapin, enough said.