Thursday, August 8, 2013

A Persons Actions

I hate it when someone tells me they
care but their actions tell me they don't.


Anonymous said...

No doubt here !!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank yall for these words of wisdome i was going to kill myself tonight because my husband beat the hell out of me again but i an setting here reading all this and it is getting me through all the hurt and pain instead of what i was going to do

Anonymous said...

Yep! I know this very well..esp when someone who hasn't seen me in quite awhile and doesn't bother to give a hug or anything. Also, when its blood relative.

Anonymous said...

please trust in god to see you through , find a safe place to go then report his actions ,love can be diffficult, but for your own safty please get help, abuse is so very wronge, you are a better person then that , be stronge, and my god guide you in the right direction, life is living , love it ,embrace it,and please reach out to someone ,dont go through this alone...:)

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous..I know you have heard this time and time again. But, you need to get out of there. Like Opra Winfrey would say, "love does not hurt". My heart goes out for you. NO person, especially a man is worth killing yourself for. I am going to get you in touch with someone who can help u get thru it.

Anonymous said...

To the lady above that was talking about killing yourself.
It has been nearly a month that you were on here.
I pray that you are ok and that you took the advice to get out.

I pray that you or any other person that is in an abusive relationship looks in the mirror and says "I AM A SPECIAL PERSON" because you are.

I have walked in your shoes. After years I threw those old shoes away. There is a life for you somewhere where you don't get hurt.
If you are like most, you don't tell what is happening all the time. You should not hold that in, you should hold no shame.
The idiot who is hurting you should be ashamed.
They usually say they are but continue (empty words coming from a person with an empty head and empty heart)

One day I found the courage to pick up my things and walk out while he was gone. I was shocked to see how many people welcomed me with open arms even when I had kept a secret from them.
Now, that is Love.

You will find many good things on the other side of that door, go ahead and open it, walk out and start anew. Even if you walk out with empty arms or just decide now not to go back. God will provide for you through the love of others.


like I said above I have walked in your shoes.