Saturday, July 27, 2013

Respect Your Elders, Help Others & Admit Mistakes

RESPECT the elderly when you're YOUNG
HELP the weak when you're STRONG
ADMIT your mistakes when you're WRONG.

Because one day, you will grow OLD, become WEAK
and expect others to show you some RESPECT.


VS said...

Truely profound words! Applicable to all of us... thank you.

Anonymous said...

A wise man once told me you can't always determine your circumstances but you can determine your attitude. That wise man was my brother. RIP This is true one day we will be old and deserve respect, but when we're old we should also respect the young.having a good attitude all the way around is the best place to be.our God will make a strong even if for a week all we have to do is ask.

Anita said...

It seems these days that no one is taught how to be respectful. I respect those younger than me as well as those older then me.

ഉഷശ്രീ (കിലുക്കാംപെട്ടി) said...

one day you will grow old.....remember this always....

Unknown said...

seriously iam a comedian god this is a blast 4 me as a prophet travesty i teach how 2 think not what 2 think as people attack me 4 what i said they only show me how they don't know how as but a mere son of God with a child like curiosity using a free gift of an imagination as in revelation ye of so little or no faith can neither hear or understand us can U?,

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