Saturday, June 8, 2013

Watching A Man Love His Children

NOTHING makes a woman love a man more than watching
him show just how much he loves his children,
because it will show him at his most vulnerable
and his true strength.


Anonymous said...

so true

Anonymous said...

This is so true. How much happiness and love I felt for my spouse when he would show our children all the love he could give them. He would love to play and look after them and protect them in every way. We were such a strong family and always stuck together us against the world. I felt so proud of him because with the love he showed our children his soft side would come out that he wouldn't show anyone else. So now I'm completly heartbroken that he abanded us all. There was no other woman or anything. He decided he wanted his freedom. I can never make it out how a person can change to being someone real good to someone so selfish. Suppose that's life