Wednesday, June 19, 2013

True Wealth

You will never understand what true wealth is
until you have something in your life
that money just can't buy


Anonymous said...

do not inmagine the height of a mountain before you climb on it, it is at the top you can inmagine how flat it is!you need courage in everything in life!!

Anonymous said...

success is measure my efforts. Times wait for no man. If u beleave in justice, be just. The heart is the begainning n the end of every man.

Anonymous said...

It is only in strong FAITH in the Son of LIVING GOD you will find such WEALTH. Because in spite of nothingness in your pocket and even helplessness as people see of you, but your heart is calm and your mind is at peace because of the faith that has never been disappointed. "TO THOSE WHO BELIEVE, THIS THINGS HAVE PROVEN THAT HE IS TRUE" I LOVE YOU, MASTER.

Unknown said...

If you look at your life as half empty, it will never be anything but.

Giraffe Lover said...

You are so right! My sister told me that I needed to start looking at my glass as being half full instead of half empty and to wake up every morning and tell myself that I was going to choose to be happy for that day and that day only! Not to worry about any other day just to focus on the day ahead of me and make it a good one mainly because God doesn't promise us tomorrow so why worry about it and be unhappy and miserable and make all those around us the same. She was so very right and wise. I'm much happier, peaceful and so are my boys and the people I'm around on a daily basis!!! : )

Anonymous said...

This is so true but after I lost my immediate family it really became apparent to me.

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