Sunday, June 2, 2013

Respect For Single Parents

Showing some respect for SINGLE PARENTS
who each and every day do an amazing job.

If you are a single parent or know someone who is,
share this on your wall to show just how valued,
respected and strong you are.


Anonymous said...

Boo yah!!! Bring on the single parents that give up each and everyday for there kids. They never get anytime for theirselves or do the things they want to do because their children is their top priorty. Do ya hear them complain? NO because they look into their kids is there life and there so proud of their children day by day. Each day as they grow older the parent looks at them and feels so proud of their hard work and effort is well worth it everyday and it brings so much happiness to their hearts. People says how do they do it bringing up kids on their own? The answer is because they are strong independant people that are not selfish in thinking of their own lives and needs. Instead they dedicate each and everyday for their children because they know kids can't look after theirselves and need all the love and attention in the world. So each day these parents make their kids happy is proudness is their hearts of all they gave up for their kids is well worth it xxx respect- to all the hardworking single parents. Xxxx Its a tough job but well done for them being so strong and able to cope :)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I am a single mom but I also have been blessed with family and friends that have helped be greatly! Thank you all

Anonymous said...

I am a single parent and very proud to be one. I have shed tears, sweat and blood for my kids. I couldn't imagine any wonderful thing to happen seeing them from being a baby and now kids of 10 who are very independent yet loving. Proud to be a single mom!

Unknown said...

As a single parent is not easy ....

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