Saturday, June 1, 2013

Count Your Blessing - Not Your Cash

The best way for a person to have happy thoughts is to
count their blessings and not their cash.

Money and material things are deemed important but
they are not what matters, it is the wealth of family
and friendship that will bring true happiness
and contentment in your life.


Anonymous said...

Well thank God for all of my blessing,some are fortunate and some are not, the one thing that I was raised up is no money does not bring you happiness, I had a friend that was bless with everything that God had given them and they always gave a helping hand when needed a very humble person, I know that his soul is up in heaven

Anonymous said...

u a right

Anonymous said...

Normally if u grow up poor u know how to count ur blessings. You know that friends are more precious than any money and gold.