Saturday, June 1, 2013

A Strong Mother


Mother - Housekeeper - Cook - Teacher
Nurse - Coach - Taxi Driver - Story Teller
Planner - Organiser - Decorator - Best Friend
Worst Enemy - Multitasker - Bloody Wonder Woman!

There is no person stronger than a Mother
and I'm proud to be one.


Anonymous said...

Please check spelling before posting, Organizer is spelled wrong, it should be a "z" not an "s"

Anonymous said...

It is spelt with an "s" in other countries! Just like the word "colour" it has a "u" in it in some countries and in other's it doesn't "color".#justsaying

Anonymous said...

Really people? I bet you didn't realize that "proof readers" are control freaks with no life! Its facebook not high school....back off!

Anonymous said...

Calm down keyboard warrior!

Unknown said...

Lets talk about world dare not!!! Not with yall!