Thursday, June 13, 2013

Brothers & Sisters

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Brother or Sister
that you love with all your heart.

The bond between a Brother and Sister is forever


Anonymous said...

I had a brother that I loved with all my heart. Now my heart is breaking because he was taking away from me because of the decision of others.

Anonymous said...

I know your pain, the same with my middle brother we use to back each other up on the police department and where best friends, until his wife told him it was him or me. She also proceeded to let me know I would never live with them and I would have to live under a bridge first. I was always there for him while she was in Greece on holiday, and he dislocated his hip 5 times during her holiday. But, that was all forgotten when he allowed her to drive a wedge between us, he advised me he no longer wanted me in his life, so let go and let god.

Anonymous said...

I have two brothers taken away because of the actions of others. Love and miss them everyday.