Friday, May 3, 2013

You Are Stronger Than You Think

Wen life gets TOUGH, remember that you are TOUGHER.

You are stronger than you think - So Keep Going.

We all have those "hit the wall" moments in our lives
but we must summon the strength deep within ourselves
to rise to the challenge, overcome it and move forward.


Anonymous said...

So true. I used to feel so weak that I thought I'd never get through hard times. Then I hated the thought of being alone. I thought I was weak so I asked god to help make me stronger and he did. At the start it wasn't easy I had to live life by myself and everyting seemed to be going wrong for me. I was like god I asked for your help. Why have you done this? But god works in mysterious ways. The things that I was afraid of god let them happen so I would face them and learn to deal with the problem and be stronger. At the start I couldn't see it but I have learned so much. Now I'm very happy and a lot stronger in myself. I'm still alone but have my kids and family so I'm grateful for what I have. As the say when the going gets tough the tough gets going. Very true always be strong and have faith and hope. God will always help everyone through their hard times. It doesn't always rain forever the sun always has to come out and shine again :)

diddy pvm said...

I know exactly what u mean i am going through it right now i am standing face to face with everything i was always horrified about. God tought me a little fact that has been kind of hard on me and that is the only way out is through He started work on me in January and let me tell u it hasnt been fun but it has made me more confident increased my faith and made me strong. I still have a lot to face but I now know with Him by my side I can get through it and even though my friends and family dont know how big my victory is I know and understand that Im being raised to be a strong soldier for my Father and that Im not that little baby christian anymore that satan and his demons use to laugh at! He is not laughing anymore I think he is a bit worried now be cause im not runninig anymore and im taking back what he stole from me! I can do all things through Christ Jesus who strengthens me!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'll keep this in mind when I'm at the gym tonight....