Monday, May 13, 2013

Some Children Need To Understand RESPECT

I would never have dreamed of speaking to my
parents the way some children do now.

Some children need to understand the
meaning of the word RESPECT


Anonymous said...

Children need to be TAUGHT respect,only then will they understand it and also show it.

Unknown said...

Actually, children learn to speak by the way they are spoken to. Certainly we can use fear and punishment, as our parents did, to get them to speak more nicely. However 1. that is not respectful and 2. it does not mean they respect you, it means they fear you. Start by speaking to your children with deep respect for who they are, right now, exactly as they are, and they will learn by your example and have nothing but respect and love for you in return. We adults need be the ones to learn the true meaning and behavior of respect, and take responsibility for what and how we've taught them so far. Please, stop blaming the children.
Much Love, Marilyn Rowe of Education Evolution

Unknown said...

There have always been children who were disrespectful to their parents, just as there have always been parents who deserved to be disrespected. There have also always been people who claim that things aren't the way they once were. Those people are fools.