Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Our Inner Strength

Strength shows not only the ability to persist,
but also in the ability to start again.

Overcoming traumatic events is hard but we always
manage to summon the strength to help us move on
and start again.


Anonymous said...

'Always'? Not always.

Anonymous said...

In time we will always find the strength to start again. Time is a healer. We endure so much pain but yet when we look back at the hard times we got through we realise we are stronger people and learn to accept the things that has happened to us and move on in life. So yea we do always find the strength to start again. Let it be straight away or take longer but time heals xxx

Anonymous said...

I know from experience that time does heal most wounds. As I am discovering my faith has become my most important ally with past trauma. We eventually are able to move on as a stronger person as long as the lesson is learned.