Monday, May 20, 2013

Marriage Won't Guarantee Forever

Marriage does not guarantee that you will be together forever,
it's only paper.

It takes love, trust, respect, commitment, understanding,
friendship and faith in your relationship to make it last.


Anonymous said...

This is so TRUE - I've lived it. Had the Big Wedding with all the frills, lasted less than a year. Married the love of my life in in Reno, no frills, in my blue jeans and Led Zepplin T-shirt. I love him more today than I did over 10 years age.

Anonymous said...

This is so very true,I am living this with my husband The Lord is So much apart of our family. I love you John so very much I thank the Lord every minute of everyday for the Love and Faith we have been given, also the trust that we have with our love for one another also our Love for God.

Anonymous said...

Communication is key. Without it you become strangers.

Anonymous said...

it's true , but the coping mechanism of both partners is the final trigger that finally determines if it
will last or end.

Anonymous said...

It's true a marriage takes love, trust and expecially hard work, understanding one another, giving in, keeping your temper under control, not yelling at the other partner, calmly discussing things and forgiveness. You need to remember the big picture, trying to see and understand that sometimes it's difficult to be away from each other alone with the kids while the spouse is away in another city trying to keep a job and building a future for you and the children. You need to be understanding of him or vice versa. True love take a lot of hard work and remember taking the easy way out does not benefit anyone. Sometimes a little counselling goes a long way. Anonymous

Bro Eddie said...

So well put into words which is so often a lack of when love is involved. God is the main factor when He is the center all other relationships are in perfect position. Matt 6:33 I know how you feel as God picked my wife, revealed her to me in a dream but did not know who. Then 3 yrs later on our 3rd date God reminded me of the forgotten dream with a big plus of who she was! We have been married for over 42yrs now and gets better as time passes to quick! God Bless!