Saturday, May 11, 2013

I'm Old School

I'm old school - I believe in having good manners,
respecting my elders and helping others when I can.

Proud To Be Old School


warmonger62 said...

Damn straight! I can remember the politeness being hammered into by my father.
I can remember every Monday, the Australian flag being raised, whilst we were ALL at General Assembly, singing the National Anthem "God Save the Queen", and saluting the flag as it was lowered.

Unknown said...

These moral traits/values help all of us to live more peaceful and contented lives. Seems simple when you read it the challenge is TO LIVE IT

Marie LongDesker said...

Yes I am old school too. I remember my grandfather instilling in us the virtues of not only good manners but also loving and forgiving people who hurt you. He always had a little story with a "lesson" brought in, without our knowledge. I am old school and proud of it,

Anonymous said...

Yesss indeed old school is the best school great values!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh dear god these really are words to live by. When I was growing up my parents NEVER let me raise my voice to them. Discipline was on the top of the agenda and it was never to be disputed. Whenever I see self-entitled, disrespectful little brats who mouth off because they think they know it all such as Haley Dunphy on the TV sitcom "Modern Family" I just want to slap them across the cheek. I'm not for spanking but omg that girl deserves that b*** slap across her perky little cheekbones. It just seems that as time goes by there is lesser respect for adults but once they cross into adulthood (25+) BAM! If finally hits them and they start to get it. They then get appalled for this lack of respect for adults, wonder why that is the case and they in turn want to knock some sense into these little punks. It's good to know that old school values are still being cherished by a select crowd in this day and age. They need to start a ripple effect to save this generation from adult degradation before the definition of what it is to be an 'adult' ceases to exist and in turn it becomes passe. Adults historically have made groundbreaking contributions to the world and therefore they deserve the utmost respect especially from this youth-oriented society. Yay for old school :)

mogranny said...

Absoluutely nothing wrong with "old school". If you agree..."like " & "share"...

Anonymous said...

Don't get me started!! I love this subject!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah....I AM OLD SCHOOL all the way! Was even a virgin till 25!

clay'o real l's Wallace said...

It will take you a long way in life believe me iam still here to say That manners an respect is the key to life believe facts

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