Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Thank You For Being There For Me

Dear God,

Thank you for being there for me when
I felt nobody else was and showing me
that no matter how dark my day,
I am never alone


Anonymous said...

I love this quote. I was just thinking today of my life how hard its been as last few year and how alone I felt. I thought I'd never get through my hard times and that there was no way out. How wrong I was and god proved that for me. Last year I gave up on life. I was so sick of it and things going wrong. I decided to tell god to control my life and keep it himself and make me do whatever he wanted me to do. For through god all good things happen. With god controlling my life I should see happiness and I finally did as last year. I've been through an awful lot and times I was so confused why god was letting bad things happen. Now I realise it was to make me a stronger person. So now I thank god for getting me through those hard times and finally letting me see happiness and for always being there for me especially when I felt so alone :)

Anonymous said...

yes i agree I pray everyday Thank You for always being there. ML