Saturday, October 25, 2014

Mother - I Love You

Mother - I love You.

I just wanted you to know that I love you and I appreciate
all of the things you did for me as a child. I will never forget.

It is only as we learn the lessons of adulthood that we

finally start to understand just how much our Mother taught us and we look back on how she handled similar situations and just how good a job she did.

As children we can be critical of our parents and will all go through a phase of "they know nothing" or "they don't understand me" only to understand years later that they actually knew us better than we knew ourselves.

You only get one mother - treasure her xx


Anonymous said...

truly my mother is a treasure to me. thank you for taking my memories of the days with her...

terry pirotta said...

with lots of love for my mum

Anonymous said...

love and miss you always my precious mam xxxxxxx

Lori Harrison said...

I Love you Mom and Miss you so much. Just wanted to say Merry Christmas to the Best Mom ever.