Wednesday, April 3, 2013

I Will Not Apologize For Simply Being Myself...

I will not apologize for simply being myself.

You should apologize for expecting me to be anything less!


Margee said...

No. We should not. We are unique individuals, created to be unique. I so agree with you.

Unknown said...

"Being Yourself" can be selfish especially when it doesn't contribute to environmental and spiritual ascent and harmony.
Being yourself is encouraged only when there is a corresponding conviction dat it is the right path.

Acy Aghogho

Anonymous said...

If You are being yourself, then You will be on the right path...wouldn't you!?

princess said...

Just be yourself,love yourself ,respect yourself,,and most of all Believe in Jesus Christ our Lord the sin of The one and only ""GOD""amen!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes do believe in yourself, but most of all believe in Christ Jesus our savior Amen!!

Anonymous said...

About just being yourself--I think a person should be true to one's self, but only after considering how that self fits in with others in your life. It can become a selfish persuasion if not tempered with this consideration.

Joy Brown said...

Never should we, why try to ruion such a wounderful, favorit, best friend, that no one can match. Cause their themselves,individuals, each n everyone of them,
N all good,always!

Anonymous said...

Selfish I'm!!!I will not let no one take it away from me again

Anonymous said...

be as true to others as you expect them to be to you!!!!!

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