Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A HUG Can Help So Pass One On Today....

A HUG can help someone who is feeling depressed
to reduce their anxiety and give renewed strength.

So now I give a HUG to you,
Inside I know I feel better too,
HUGS are better when you share,
So pass one on and show you care.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Dave. I needed a hug today : )

Anonymous said...

I give a huge to all who needs a hug, and even the ones that may not, but I think it makes someone feel special

Unknown said...

Huggs and kisses always make u feel better no matter how down u r. And make u feel loved. xxxx

Unknown said...

huggs and kisses always make u feel better. love w
makes the world go round, we should have love wars instead of hate. I know it sounds mad, but everyone has love in them.

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