Friday, March 1, 2013

The Way Some Children Speak To Their Parents

If I had spoken to my parents the way
some children do now, I would not
be here to share this status!

Some children need to learn the meaning of respect.

In my life i have seen and heard children speak to their family
members, friends and even people they do not know,
in such a way that is hard to understand just how
they are allowed to be that way....
I'm sure a lot of people
 will have had similar experiences. Dave 


Unknown said...

I know I'd never have spoke to my parents the way they do today. If I answered in the wrong tone of voice I'd get a backhander. If I miss behaved and dad got to know I'd get the belt. It was a mine field. I had to tread very carefully.

Unknown said...

So true. You only needed that look that was enough !!!