Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Be Careful Who You Open Up To.

Be careful who you open up to.

Only a few people actually care.

The rest just want something to gossip about.


Anonymous said...

Oh Wow Deep

LadyGrace48 said...

This is so very true, been there so many times and it is really devastating when you think someone was really your best friend for over 20 years and then find out maybe they really weren't your friend at all. Are you always the first to say I'm sorry or make the first phone call to your friend after a disagreement? Well if that's true then they weren't your friend to begin least that is how it makes me feel.

Anonymous said...

True in todays life you need to be only fiends to your inner self people appear good but ends up bad

Babygirl#1 said...

Wow how true this is.