Monday, October 15, 2012

Wave Of Light (requested to share)

For all of those who would like to show support for the Wave of Light ♥

Please share this on your wall so that the word spreads as far around the world as it can ♥ 

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Melissa carlson said...

Thank you so very much for sharing this. tomorow will be 7 months that my grandso Huntley passed away do to SUIDs (sudden unexplained infant death syndrome) it has been very hard for my daughter and the rest of the family with his passing. he was 8 months to the day old when I walked into the bedroom and saw him. the CPR i did, did nothing he was alrady gone to be with the angels. and almost every night when i lay down to sleep i can not stop think of that day over and over and over again. I NEVER new about the Wave of Light until this had happened to my family. So I would like to say THANK YOU so very much to you for reposting & sharing this with all whom see ur page. for this may help that one person that really needs it. All my familys love and thanks to you- A Broken Heart Granmie