Sunday, June 3, 2018

The physical signs of intense sadness - PLEASE READ.

Sadness can have a deep effect on our bodies and the physical manifestation of sadness is quite clear, to say the least.

Sadness has a way of crippling your soul and rendering you inactive. It can bring down your spirits, break your energy levels, and make you seek isolation. Intense sadness which is an elongated period of sadness of high intensity can make you feel horrible, physically too.

While sadness is an emotional thing, if it continues for a long period of time and at intense levels, then its effects start manifesting physically. It becomes clear, physically, that you are undergoing an emotional stress and the following signs define them clearly.

#1 Irritability

Sadness means that you are emotionally not ready to engage in complex topics and definitely not ready to humour trivial things. Your mind gets programmed in a way that the best you can do is discuss the most pressing matters.

This means that any topic which you find inconsequential would get to your nerves because your mind is spending a lot of time, fighting the sadness and talking about unimportant things puts a lot of burden on you.

#2 Fatigue

Have you ever felt tired for long periods of time but were never able to explain the reason behind it? Have you felt that even though you are sleeping a lot and eating decently too, but your energy levels are never what they used to be?

Chances are that a sense of sadness may be creeping up on you. Sadness leads to setting in of fatigue which is quite difficult to fight. The fatigue would set in slowly but steadily and before you know it, your body would be feeling tired almost always.

#3 Slow speech

What happens when you are not in the mood to discuss something? What happens when you just don't want to be a part of a conversation but you have no other way? You start speaking slowly and do not care how long it takes as you drag your speech.

Sadness affects the speech in a similar way. The fact that you are not interested in basically anything when you are sad, you hardly feel like speaking at all. Your speech becomes a drag and you feel like talking is just not worth the effort you put into it.

#4 Back pain

Your backbone is one which supports your entire body throughout the day and through the night. It is also one of the most affected parts of the body when you are under stress. The pressure of an emotional drain starts building pretty soon and the backbone usually bears the brunt of it.

The pain usually starts with at the lower back and expands throughout your back. No matter how much you try to relax your back, the effects remain as the pain is not really physical but emotional and the pain is just the manifestation of it.

#5 Sleeping disorders

Sleep is one of the most important factors in dealing with sadness. Sleeping deep and for the prescribed period of time helps you deal with the stress involved and also soothes the physical strains of the emotional burnout.

Intense sadness, therefore, affects the sleep patterns quite clearly. You would find yourself unable to sleep for long periods of time and when you do get some sleep, you would find waking up quite difficult. Further, you would also feel dead tired after waking up, not because your body isn't rested but because it is under emotional turmoil.

#6 A constant headache

The first physical symptom of sadness is, however, manifested through a headache. The strain of thoughts and the prevalence of negativity in your mind would lead to a lot of pressure on your cognitive abilities, causing deep headaches.

The sense of pain usually builds from the nape, the back of your head, and may spread over your entire head. This may also lead to unusually greater hair fall and you would feel the pressure building steadily. 

#7 Dragged walks

Have you observed the way you walk when you are lost in a negative thought? How do you walk when you feel sad? Chances are, you walk slowly, dragging your feet, not really wanting to go anywhere but walking just because you have to.

It is, therefore, one of the more clear indicators of sadness. A dragged and a lazy walk which seems to last forever, and which is not usually your regular way of walking should, therefore, indicate the presence of sadness and your need to deal with it, urgently.


If you found this article useful, please share it and pass it on to others who may need to read this and get help to deal with their sadness, depression, Anxiety and stress - People need to speak up and not be afraid to ask for help. Thank you.


jayne taylor said...

This is me now and has been for a long time. Seek help,I'm under a psychiatrist not because I'm mad but because of depression,they do help.

milan ajmera said...

It's so true and correct analysis. Thanx for sharing the article.

Druid said...

I refuse help or medication. I just focus on something productive.

Anonymous said...

Druid I refuse medication as well. Medication does nothing but make certain things worse and that's coming from someone else's experience. Doing something positive and productive helps block the negative!

Anonymous said...

There are quite a few symptoms that I recognize within myself. The headaches, backaches, and tiredness beyond belief. I've recently been unemployed for over 6 months so that doesn't help matters much, but even before that, I felt the aches. This probably started when I broke up with a man I lived with for 7 years. It was my doing but since then my life seemed to have spiraled. I'm functioning properly, though. I just take each day as it comes, but I know for a fact I've become quite unsocial.

Anonymous said...

This is so true, but would help more if you gave some pointers on how to deal with such intense feelings....

Anonymous said...

So me too but so hard to explain to people who just don't understand

Anonymous said...

I have travelled this path and sad to say am still on it. I was ill for a few years had electric shock treatment amongst many pills. I lost my partner very suddenly and at a young age. My family left home within a couple of years. My parents passed away within a couple of months of each other.I hate going out and often it could be weeks before I see or speak to anyone.I don't want to go out. I think at times because I don't have that great big cut in my leg or head or arm others think it's an act an excuse for attention. If only it was, if only they knew just how hard it is to even wash your face some mornings, because of how you feel. It's people who don't know anything about this way I feel or act need to have the likes of this post shown to them. I know what all is going on, but no one else understands. How I would love to step away from this life and walk in different shoes.

Anonymous said...

Turn to Jesus Cast all your fears and worries on the Lord, he will take you in his arms and comfort you. Read and learn the 23 psalm

rme said...

Before you refuse medication, maybe having a complete physical might be a good idea. There could be other things going on, thyroid issues, high glucose levels, heart, etc!

Damra said...

I HAVE ABOUT 97% of these symptoms!! I equate most to Myasthenia Gravis. Which I have had for appx. 19 yrs. But been off meds for past 2 yrs!! Shame on me! All my life I have been a positive thinker. But over the past 4 yrs I have just lost it. My designing quality to Paint, or design Jewelry has dwindled.

Anonymous said...

I too have had all these symptoms for nearly two years now . Have been on medication and it has helped a little . But at times I wish I wasn't t here and it worries me how it is affecting my family. I have had so many friends and relatives pass away in the last few years and feel so alone. My son a d daughter have helped me a lot but you do need people of your own age . Iam. 87…