Saturday, May 12, 2018

Show Respect and be Thankful.

Anything your parents do for you after you are 
over 18 years old is out of pure love.

Respect it and be thankful! 


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Kids want it all ( not all kids) said...

But they want more then love their out correctly blood

sharon fredericks said...

I love all my children there is one that I know he loves his mom ..but I wish he come back he seems so far away but he is only about a mile and a half away I love you James Ramsey Jr more then you know

Anonymous said...

Your statement is a very good opinion.
I agree but on a legal opinion in the state of New York parents are legally responsible for their children until they are 21 ; they may be able to make some decisions on their own but parents can be made to pay child
Support until they are 21 and also provide medical insurance and their are also increases on the support order periodically !

Anonymous said...

It's a two way street. Anything a child does for the parents after 18 is out of the kindness of their heart. Don't abuse it and don't guilt the child for having their own lives...